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    A Message from the INRSC Board

     Dear INRSC members,

    There is much uncertainty in our lives with the COVID-19 pandemic. When will social distancing end? The governor ordered that the schools remain closed through the end of this academic year – what kind of graduation ceremony will our seniors get to have? Will the pools be open this summer? This is an unprecedented time in our lives, and most certainly in the history of our beloved pool. As you already know, nobody knows the answers. At the end of the day, we have little control over what will transpire in the coming months for our much loved, daily getaway, family pool.

    The decision as to if or when the pool will open weighs greatly on our governor and local health authorities who will deem the places that can reopen, when they can reopen and when we will be able re-unite without the term “social distancing.” Please know that your pool board is actively engaged in the situation and is prepared with many “what if” scenarios.......we may have to re-think how we gather, adjust numbers entering and exiting the pool, whether food and drink is allowed, operating hours, and of course, when we can celebrate some form of an “opening day”. At this point in time, we are planning for a later opening date of June 13th. We would like to stress that this is a very fluid situation, and as such, so is the opening date.

    Equally as important, we must ascertain that the place we love to meet and socialize cannot sustain itself for a summer season without membership dues paid, period. Just to clarify, whether we open for the season, part of the season, or not at all, membership dues cover the basic fundamental costs. Insurance, loan principal and interest, property taxes and utilities require a minimum of $35K - $40K to just keep the pool grounds in good standing, without even opening its doors for the next 12 months. As a non-profit organization, INRSC does not have a surplus of funds and cannot meet this minimum without membership dues being paid for the 2020 swim season. Furthermore, we must maintain our current level of membership to cover the seasonal costs to open for the season. As members, we must prepare to pay our dues regardless of whether we have a 2020 summer swim season. Your commitment will make the difference in keeping to our “gem” realistically intact, without it, there is the possibility that our community pool is injured to the extent it never reopens. We know everyone loves our community and our community-based pool, but this is the sad and harsh reality we must face.

    Many thanks to those of you that have already paid your dues. To reduce expenses in this uncertain time, credit card processing fees formerly paid by INRSC will now be the responsibility of the card holder. If you wish to avoid this charge, as always, we accept payment by check.

    We will communicate any decisions made regarding opening to the membership as soon as is possible. If you have any questions, please respond to this email and we will answer your questions to our best ability. We would like to discourage you from taking talk in the neighborhood or social media posts as fact as it relates to the pool – please please please communicate with your board members with any questions or concerns and we will respond with full transparency.

    Thank you for always stepping up to the challenge and meeting the needs of a proud INRSC community. Your dedication has allowed our pool to provide lifelong memories for many members of all ages. Be the positive difference. Be the positive change.

    Ingomar North Recreation and Swim Club Board

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